5 Tips for building the perfect resume

We spoke with Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), Michelle Hyde, and the HR team at Oilers Entertainment Group about what the keys to success are for building the perfect resume.

1. Keep things short and simple

We would love to hear more about your job- but that’s what the interview is for!

2. Be clear about dates and accomplishments

It’s easy to say that you helped with a project; but what was the result? What did it do for the company or your team?

3. When you first enter into the workforce, school projects matter!

Looking for Entry level work without any work experience? That’s okay! Did you lead a project? Did you get a good grade? Did you help out another student that needed it? All of this matters and tells us about your skills.

4. Prepare to talk about everything you put on the resume

If you exaggerate, you might get questioned on it! Be prepared.

5. Spelling and grammar mean the most

If you have silly errors on your resume some recruiters won’t even take a second look; get your friends or family to act as a second set of eyes. Sometimes that’s all it takes to catch a small mistake!



Rogers Place Now Hiring!

Now, put these tips to the test! Rogers Place is looking to fill both full-time and part-time positions in Guest Services, Box Office, Security, and more!