50/50 Raffle

This page contains information for 50/50 raffles taking place at concerts and live events. Edmonton Oilers 50/50 information can be found here, and Edmonton Oil Kings 50/50 information can be found here.

Big Soccer 50/50: November 20-Dec 2, 2022

Total Jackpot

Stay tuned for the next Big Soccer 50/50 raffle taking place between December 9-18! More chances to WIN!

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) 50/50 raffle is back for Rogers Place concerts and other events!

The record-setting 50/50 raffle will give fans in Alberta another chance to win big during select concerts and live events. The 50/50 raffle will also raise important dollars for the EOCF to reinvest in the community.

Tickets will be available for purchase starting at 9:00 AM MT on the first day of the 50/50 Raffle Event. Sales will close at 11:00 PM MT on the last day of the 50/50 Raffle Event. The winning number will be posted on this page.

Tickets can be purchased by individuals 18 years or older, located within Alberta’s provincial borders at the time of purchase. All ticket sales are final and ticket buyers will receive a receipt via email after purchasing that will list all numbers associated with the purchased tickets.

If purchasers have not received their tickets by 9:00 AM MT the following day, they are instructed to email 5050resend@rogersplace.com before 12:00 PM MT. Any resend requests received after 12:00 PM MT will not be processed. Tickets will be resent to purchasers between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM MT. Purchasers must email from the original email address they used for the ticket purchase, which must be entered correctly.

Fans can select from the following four ticket pack options:

  • Regular Ticket: ($5.00) for (1) Raffle Number (D)
  • Discount 1 Ticket: ($25.00) for (80) Raffle Numbers (C)
  • Discount 2 Ticket: ($50.00) for (250) Raffle Numbers (B)
  • Discount 3 Ticket: ($100.00) for (550) Raffle Numbers (A)

AGLC Raffle Licence #602010


The holder of the ticket containing the winning raffle number for the 50/50 Raffle will have until 4:00 PM MST 4 business days from the time of the announcement of the winning jackpot raffle number for the 50/50 Raffle to present the ticket containing the winning raffle number to the Foundation. If the winner has not come forward within 2 business days from the time of the announcement of the winning jackpot raffle number for the 50/50 Raffle, the Foundation will use the email and/or phone number if provided by the ticket purchaser to try to contact them.

The holder of the winning ticket may claim their prize by contacting the 50/50 office at 5050info@rogersplace.com and forwarding their purchase email and a copy of their government-issued photo identification and address or present their purchased ticket to the Foundation. The name on the government-issued photo identification must match the name that was used to purchase the ticket. Each prize claimant must provide the EOCF with all information required by provincial gaming regulations to claim a prize.

The prize claimant will be required to sign a declaration and release which must be executed and returned to the EOCF no later than five (5) business days after his/her receipt of the release. The winner’s name will be publicized on the list of prize winners located at RogersPlace.com/5050, as well as on corresponding social media channels. All prizes will be awarded to the winners via cheque within thirty (30) days of the winner delivering the winning raffle ticket, executed release, and all other required documents to the EOCF.

All prizes not claimed on or before the prize claim expiry date (4:00 PM MT, four business days from the time of the announcement of the winning ticket number), will be added to one or more jackpots at the discretion of the 50/50 licensee, with AGLC approval. This means that any unclaimed prizes will be redistributed by adding the amount to the raffle of the designated 50/50 licensed event.

Questions or concerns regarding the 50/50 program should be addressed to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation at 5050@edmontonoilers.com.

Winning Numbers

Date: Nov. 20 – Dec 2, 2022
Jackpot: $44,495.00
Prize: $22,247.50
Date: December 1, 2022
Number C-100142029
Prize: $500 Sport Chek Gift Card
Winner: David Wilson
Date: November 27, 2022
Number B-100013601
Prize: $500 Sport Chek Gift Card
Winner: Andrea Harris
Date: November 23, 2022
Prize: $500 Sport Chek Gift Card
Winner: Jeff Chipley
Date: November 21, 2022
Number: B-100019784
Prize: $500 Sport Chek Gift Card
Winner: Kelsey Pederson
Date: Nov. 11-12, 2022
Jackpot: $49,295.00
Prize: $24,647.50
Winner: Nicole Fossheim
Date: November 6, 2022
Jackpot: $41,630.00
Prize: $20,815.00
Winner: Trevor O’Connell
Date: October 29, 2022
Jackpot: $16,130.00
Prize: $8,065.00
Winner: Jackson Rosario
Date: October 5, 2022
Jackpot: $18,660.00
Prize: $9,330.00
Winner: Cheryl Kurek
Date: October 2, 2022
Jackpot: $93,035.00
Prize: $46,517.50
Winner: Taranvir Vander
Date: September 26, 2022
Jackpot: $17,295.00
Prize: $8,647.50
Winner: Kenneth Ewanchuk
Date: September 20, 2022
Jackpot: $47,380.00
Prize: $23,690.00
Winner: Richard Knack
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