Arena Guide

Rogers Place is fully accessible with elevator access to all seating levels.

Rogers Place recommends all Fans requiring assistance contact the Rogers Place Ticketing & Customer Services team at 780-414-LIVE (5483) in advance of their visit.

To purchase accessible seating for any event at Rogers Place, please visit and click on “Request Accessible Tickets” or call Ticketmaster at 855-682-6736.

If you have arrived at Rogers Place and you do not have accessible seating but require it, please visit any of our Fan Service Centres located behind Section 121Section 129, and Section 230.

Rogers Place accessible seating locations:

  • 100 Level: 102, 103, 105, 117, 119, 120, 124, 132
  • Scotiabank Suites Level: All Suites and Theatre Boxes
  • PCL Loge Level: 9, 16, 26 and Sportsnet Club
  • 200 Level: 203, 211, 220, 224, 232 and Sky Lounge
  • The number of accessible seats may vary by event according to the seating configuration.
    • Please note, the Floor is not wheelchair accessible unless otherwise noted.

All wayfinding signs at Rogers Place have Braille lettering to better assist our visually impaired Fans.

Additional information for our accessible Fans is available below:

  • Please see Drop-Off Zones/Designated Pick-Up Areas for more information.
  • Please see Assistive Listening Devices section for more information.
  • Please see Wheelchairs below for information about wheelchair assistance.

At Rogers Place, we are committed to enhancing the experience of all our Fans, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. To ensure their enjoyment, we have implemented a radio frequency assistive listening system throughout the arena, the Edmonton Downtown Community Areana, and Ford Hall. By utilizing this technology, we aim to provide a more immersive and inclusive experience for our deaf and hard of hearing Fans.

If you are interested in utilizing this service, we invite you to visit any of our conveniently located Fan Service Centres behind Section 121, Section 129, or Section 230. Our dedicated staff will provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance to access the radio frequency assistive listening system.

There are a variety of transit amenities available to assist you in your journey to and from Rogers Place, including:

  • DATS: Drop-off and pick-up will be located along the north side of 104 Ave in front of Rogers Place.
  • Accessible parking placards: Drop-off and pick-up will be located along the north side of 104 Ave in front of Rogers Place.
  • Vehicles for Hire: Drop-off and pick-up will be located in the designated area north of Rogers Place on 102 St north of 105 Ave.
  • Charter and Yellow Bus: Drop-off and pick-up will be located north of Rogers Place on 103 St north of 105 Ave. Taxis: Drop-off and pick-up will be located at the southwest corner of 104 St and 104 Ave.
  • Curbside drop-off locations: Located west of 105 St on 105 Ave and 104 Ave (by MacEwan University).

Rogers Place has ten (10) publicly accessible elevators to assist Fans throughout the venue. Fans can access the elevators at the following locations:

  • Ford Hall Entrance
  • 104 Ave Entrance (by Grand Villa Edmonton Casino)
  • North Entrance (by MacEwan LRT Station)
  • 100 Level

Rogers Place prioritizes the safety and well-being of our Fans. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere by using installed automated emergency systems and appropriate emergency operating plans. Trained Rogers Place personnel will ensure the security and safety of all Fans, performers, employees, and occupants of Rogers Place. In the case of an emergency, Fans must comply with directives from venue staff regarding arena operations and emergency response procedures.

Rogers Place and Ford Hall have 14 escalators to assist Fans throughout the venue. The escalators are conveniently located in:

  • Ford Hall has five (5) escalators to take Fans from street level to the Ford Hall entry.
  • 104 Ave Entrance has one (1) escalator to take Fans from street level to the corridor which connects them to the Ford Hall entry or the North Entrance.
  • LRT Entrance has one (1) escalator to take Fans from street level to the North Entry.
  • North Entry has two (2) escalators to take Fans from the Mezzanine Level to the 100s Level.
  • 100 Level has four (4) escalators, two (2) will take Fans to the 200 Level, two (2) will take Fans to the PCL Loge Level.
  • PCL Loge Level has one (1) escalator to take Fans to the 200 Level

Rogers Place has three (3) conveniently located Fan Service Centres to provide assistance and information to all of our Fans in the following locations:

  •  100 Level behind Section 121
  • 100 Level behind Section 129
  •  200 Level behind Section 230

Fans can text the following number to anonymously report any questions/concerns 587-207-HELP (4357). This number is only monitored during events.  Texts during non-event hours will not be checked. For non-event hours, please call the Rogers Place Ticketing & Customer Services team at 780-414-LIVE (5483).

Our Fan Service Centres offer a diverse selection of programs to enhance the Fan experience including:

  • Hearing Protection
  • Sensory Bags
  • Ear Plugs
  • Lost and Found
  • First Aid
  • Safe in the Seat Program
  • Designated Driver Program
  • Fan Feedback
  • General Questions/Directions
  • First Game Certificates

Accessibility Assistance:

  • Wheelchair Assistance to and from your seat
  • Accessible Seating Relocation
  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Storage of strollers

Upon arrival at Rogers Place, fans with pacemakers may proceed to the first gate beside the Box Office as the best option to manually go through security.

Rogers Place has partnered with Reef Events to provide over 4,000 parking spots for each event, available for pre-purchase online or through their app. Several nearby accessible stalls are also available for pre-purchase. Please visit Reef Events to pre-purchase a spot.

In addition, several parking lots within the downtown core have accessible parking spots available.

For information on drop-off and pick-up locations, please see Drop-Off Zones/Designated Pick-Up Areas.

Seats at Rogers Place vary in size. Seats will be between approximately 19” to 22” in width.

  • Upper and Lower Bowl Seats – 19″
  • Club Seats – 21″
  • O-Zone Seats – 22″
  • Sportsnet Club – 22″
  • Sky Lounge – 22″

At Rogers Place, the safety and security of all stakeholders and Fans is our #1 priority. To ensure a secure environment, we have an in-house security team that provides professional and vigilant protective services. As part of our commitment to safety, all Fans entering Rogers Place are required to undergo walk-through metal detector screening and a physical search. These measures are in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance. Rogers Place reserves the right to confiscate any items that may pose a danger or cause disruption to the event or other Fans. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding regarding these security protocols. Fans who choose to decline the security screening may be denied entry from Rogers Place.

We understand some Fans may have medical circumstances that prevent them from using a walk-through metal detector. In such cases, we are more than happy to provide alternative accommodations. Fans can request a physical search as a substitute for the metal detector screening, ensuring their comfort and maintaining their privacy.

Sporting events and live entertainment events have a lot of overwhelming stimuli. All the aspects that make these events exciting for most fans can make it uncomfortable for others. Rogers Place offers Sensory Kits with items that can help reduce sounds and sights of the fan experience and bring it down to a comfortable level for a Fan to fully enjoy the event. The Sensory Kits includes sunglasses, noise canceling headphones, fidget items and a foam puck. Sensory Kits are available at Fan Service Centres:

  • 100 Level behind Section 121
  • 100 Level behind Section 129
  • 200 Level behind Section 230

Fans will be asked to leave a piece of identification which will be returned once the Sensory Kit has been returned.

At Rogers Place, we warmly welcome trained service animals to accompany Fans with disabilities, providing them with the necessary assistance. We kindly request that all service animals remain on a leash or in a harness throughout their time at the venue. Service animals should rest in the seating area of the Fan, ensuring unobstructed aisles for the comfort and safety of all Fans.

To ensure a smooth and accommodating experience, we recommend that Fans contact our dedicated Ticketing and Customer Services Team in advance of their event. By reaching out to us at 780-414-LIVE (5483), we can better understand and cater to the needs of both the Fan and their service animal.

Washrooms are conveniently located throughout Rogers Place. All washrooms are accessibly compliant. Please ask any Rogers Place staff member for the nearest location.

In addition, and for the convenience of Fans that arrive early to an event, washrooms located at street level in Ford Hall open 2 hours before doors.

At Rogers Place, we provide accessible seating options for Fans with wheelchair and low mobility needs. To facilitate the ticket purchasing process, we offer wheelchair and low mobility seating options on Simply filter the seating options and select “Show Accessible Tickets” to view available seats. Please be aware that both “Wheelchair Accessible” options will appear. For Fans requiring a companion, one companion seat located beside an accessibility seat can also be purchased. 

Our wheelchair accessible seats are situated on platforms designed to accommodate mobility devices. For Fans ticketed for these platforms who do not use a mobility device, we will provide cushioned folding chairs for their comfort. 

At Rogers Place, we are committed to ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for all our Fans. For individuals who require additional assistance, we off complimentary wheelchair escorts to and from their seats. Fans can easily request a wheelchair escort at any entry point of Rogers Place. Our friendly staff will assist and accompany Fans to their designated seating area. It’s important to note that the wheelchair escort will not remain with the Fan during the event, and the wheelchair will not be left with the Fan.

At the conclusion of the event, an escort will promptly return to the Fan’s seat and aid in navigating to the most convenient exit gate. Please be aware that our wheelchair escorts are available exclusively on Rogers Place property and are not permitted to transport Fans beyond the arena premises.

Please keep in mind that the number of accessible seats may vary depending on the specific event and seating configuration. It’s important to note that, unless otherwise specified, the Floor area is not wheelchair accessible.