Red Letter Day

By Kelli Gustafson –

20160627_RPsignInstall“It’s letter day!”

Those were the words of an enthusiastic passerby near 104th Street and 104th Avenue on Tuesday, June 21.

Last week the Rogers Place exterior lettering installation began on the Southwest corner of the new arena, beginning with the letter — you guessed it — R.

As the 10-foot-tall letters were raised and installed over 60 feet above 104th Avenue, Marley Duffield, PCL Assistant Superintendent, explained the significance of this project.

“I would say it’s a huge milestone — conquer[ing] a big portion of the project like [this] is huge for everyone.”

Duffield said this is not only a milestone for those working on the project, but also an exciting day for the public.

“Anyone who has walked by has stopped and taken a photo.”

“We’re pushing to the finish line.”

Although there has been significant change occurring inside the building, most of that change will remain a surprise to the public until the Open House on September 10.

“It goes a long way, seeing the big stuff change on the outside, that we’re one day closer to getting everyone inside,” said Duffield.

As PCL nears its final completion of Rogers Place, their attention has shifted to some of the finishing touches — including the exterior details of Rogers Place.

Three large “Rogers Place” signs will light up the side of the building, beginning with the installation on the Southwest corner and ending with the Northwest and Northeast sides of the building. Five smaller “Rogers Place” signs will also display around the exterior of the building near the Winter Garden entrance and LRT station entrance, among others.

Besides the signage, landscaping around the arena has been ongoing — from the roadways, to building curbs and sidewalks, the exterior finishes of Rogers Place are now coming together.

“We’re pushing to the finish line,” Duffield added. “Everything counts at this point. Every day counts!”

3 - Number of letters installed on average per day.
10 - Height (measured in feet) of each letter.
60-100 - Approximate height (measured in feet) of letters from ground.
100 - Approximate length (measured in feet) of each “Rogers Place” sign.
250 - Approximate weight (measured in pounds) of each letter.

Missed the installation? Watch the time lapse video of the letters being installed.