Rogers Place construction to begin

February 28, 2014
City of Edmonton

Construction on Rogers Place (downtown arena) will begin on Monday, March 3, 2014. Construction will take place on the former parking lot between 104 Street and 102 Street, between 104 Avenue and 105 Avenue.

The first work will include fencing off the construction site, placing trailers on site for crews, and starting to clear the site. Then construction will begin, which for the first phase includes excavating soil for the underground parkade and installing concrete piles. This phase will take several months to complete.

Beginning March 3, 2014, the pedestrian sidewalk along the north boulevard of 104 Avenue will be closed between 104 Street and 102 Street.

The north lane of 104 Avenue will be closed between 104 Street and 102 Street for the entire duration of the construction. The exact date for the lane closure is weather-dependent, as crews must first repaint the lines on 104 Avenue.

To facilitate traffic flow, the repainted avenue for these two blocks will include three eastbound lanes, and two westbound lanes. There may be temporary off-peak hour closures of this portion of the north lane until the lane is officially closed for construction.

The main entrance for construction vehicles will be at 103 Street and 104 Avenue (the current entrance to the Baccarat Casino), and vehicles will exit onto 104 Street.

The construction site will be fenced and closed to the public. Signage will be placed in the area to advise the public about the construction activities and redirect casino patrons to the new entrance at 101 Street and 105 Avenue.

The entire project will take about two and a half years to complete, and Rogers Place is scheduled to be completed September 2016. It is an important catalyst in the revitalization of Edmonton’s downtown.

For more information please check, email or leave a voicemail at: 780-442-5296.