Body By Bennett Expanding with ICE District

By Jessica Kent –

Edmontonians are starting to get a better idea of what to expect in ICE District. Body By Bennett is set to open up its second location inside the JW Marriott Hotel in ICE District.

“We are pumped about it!” said Oilers Director of High Performance and gym owner Simon Bennett. “We are heavy into the planning and organization. You see the building going up, it’s happening right before our eyes.”

Bennett explained this new facility will be an “exciting concept for Edmonton” and could differ from his current gym located west of downtown on High Street.

 “We can’t wait to unveil it!”

Simon Bennett highlights NHL-style exercises you can do at home.

To get a better idea of what Body By Bennett is all about, Community Reporter Jessica Kent went down to the gym to learn NHL-style workouts Bennett does with the Oilers.

“Hockey players in general live in a flection-dominated type environment, so our job as strength and conditioning specialists is to try to counteract a lot of what’s happening in that world,” he explained. “There are many different styles of exercises you can do with players. Sometimes we’re working out and sometimes we’re working in to try to balance out the body.”

Watch this week’s episode of PCL ICE Level to learn how to “work-in” like an NHL pro at home.