Getting to Rogers Place 101

By: Jodi Tauber |

On July 13, the City of Edmonton and Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) hosted over 100 people in an information session providing Downtown residents and businesses with parking and traffic plans, as well as answering questions that they may have.

Stu Ballantyne of OEG kicked off the session with a 15 minute presentation of the Rogers Place Event Traffic and Parking Plan. Watch the video of the presentation above.

There were several key areas that Downtown residents and businesses inquired about. Those included:

  • Parking and traffic
  • Transit to events
  • Safety and security

Many important questions were asked, and some could not be answered until Rogers Place is fully operational. While plans for event days are extensive, there will be some aspect that will not go according to plan. Changes may have to be made, and adapting as quickly as possible is the mandate of both the City of Edmonton and OEG to ensure a seamless integration of Rogers Place into the Downtown community.

Here are a few of questions that came up:

How much parking is available near Rogers Place?

There are 18,000 off-street parking stalls within a 15 minute walk from Rogers Place. A major event at Rogers Place is expected to use 6,000 stalls.

The Oilers Entertainment Group is developing an app through Parking Panda that will let you pre-purchase your event parking. Details on the app will be released later this summer.

How can we keep event-goers from parking in our building’s visitor stalls?

Ensure you have clear signage on your building’s parking stalls. Condominium associations can apply to the City of Edmonton to become a private parking agency. This allows you to write parking tickets for vehicles parked in violation of Traffic Bylaw #5590. For more information, visit the City of Edmonton’s website.

Is there a pedestrian corridor to the LRT station? Where are the exit points?

The LRT station can be accessed from the area of the arena called the “LRT Link”. The LRT link does not physically connect to MacEwan Station; however, the LRT station entrance is located immediately across the sidewalk from the arena exit.

Is there any transit parking available for the arena?

There is free parking at four LRT stations: Clareview, Stadium, Belvedere and Century Park, as well as free parking at Davis and Eaux Claires Park & Ride lots. Century Park reserved stalls will also open and be available after 5 p.m.

How will the cost of parking determined?

The vast majority of parking in Downtown Edmonton is managed by private companies, who have not shared their rates. We expect a range of rates depending on how close parking is to Rogers Place, and rates may change. Once the prices have been determined by the market, the City will follow suit.

How do residents report concerns?

Anything concerns like noise, litter, or graffiti can be reported by calling 311.

For emergencies and crimes in progress, call 911. Non-emergencies can be reported to the non-emergency line at 780 423 4567. For ongoing issues, such as repeated noise or behavioural complaints about the same location, residents can also discuss their concerns directly with the beat patrol members in their area.

We live in the arena district, and we already struggle with noise from the bars in the area. What can we do when the noise gets out of hand on event nights?

This is an issue that may be most effectively dealt with by communicating directly with the beat patrols in the neighbourhood. If police are aware that a particular establishment is causing problems for residents, they can work with the manager to help resolve the concern.

It should be noted that a certain amount of noise is normal in a major city, especially in the downtown core, and everyday noise is generally not illegal. The City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw #14600 regulates noise control.

Are there disabled parking and drop-off zones available?

There is a priority disabled drop-off zone located at the southeast entrance to Rogers Place. This zone is reserved strictly for disabled patrons, whether arriving by private vehicle or a DATS bus.

Where can I go to get a Taxi?

There will be a taxi stand set up for major events near Rogers Place on the south side of 104 Avenue, near 104 Street. This will likely turn into a learned behaviour for smaller events as well.

We live on 104 Street. How will the area be kept clean after the event?

City crews sweep every two days, and litter crews will clean up in the evening.

Are there public washrooms available?

Yes there are public washrooms in the pedestrian corridor between the MacEwan LRT Station and Ford Hall (the Winter Garden). They are open during LRT operating hours.

What kind of police presence will there be in the area?

Edmonton Police Service recently added 28 new beat constables, four sergeants and one staff sergeant to the downtown core, as well as seven police to the city’s Hospitality Policing Unit. The beat police will patrol the same areas each shift, and are an excellent point of contact for residents who live in the area. Extra duty police will also be deployed on event nights to help with directing traffic, pedestrian flow and event security in and around Rogers Place.