Introducing the Bobby Nick’s Burger

By Kelli Gustafson –

“It’s going to be a winner!”

These were the excited words of Bob Nicholson, Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) CEO and Vice Chairman, on Thursday, July 14.

Nicholson joined the Rogers Place and Aramark Sports and Entertainment Food and Beverage team in the kitchen to create one of the most anticipated signature food items that will be offered around the concourses come this September — the Bobby Nick’s Burger.

Bob Nicholson with Johnny Blackerby.
Photo by: Curtis Comeau

“It is a premium product, but anyone can get it.”

Cleverly named after Bob Nicholson, this burger is one of many exclusive culinary options that fans will have the opportunity to taste once Rogers Place opens.

“It is a premium product, but anyone can get it,” said Johnny Blackerby, Executive Chef for Rogers Place.

The gourmet burger was created as a collaborative effort using Blackerby’s expertise and Nicholson’s tastebuds.

“I had a private meeting this morning and just gave them [some ideas for] what the secret sauce should be, and we nailed it!” Nicholson smiled, turning to high-five Chef Blackerby.

Besides the Alberta Beef patty and the sauce — whose exact ingredients remain top-secret between the chef and Nicholson himself — the remaining ingredients for the gourmet burger were formally chosen last Thursday night.

Stew MacDonald, Chief Commercial Officer for OEG and Susan Darrington, Vice President and General Manager of Rogers Place, watched in anticipation as Nicholson was faced with some of the best locally-sourced, handpicked ingredients and toppings to choose from.

The Bobby Nick’s Burger.
Photo by: Curtis Comeau

From sautéed mushrooms to caramelized onions, the toppings were exclusively selected by Blackerby and his team for Nicholson to sample. Creating over four different burgers with an assortment of cheese, bacon and bun combinations — and following a some-what scandalous deliberation regarding the intensity of different types of bacon flavours, ensuring they do not over-power the mouthwatering flavours of the beef patty— Nicholson finally decided on a fusion of ingredients that best complimented the quality, all-Alberta beef burger.

“It just makes the burger burst out at you,” Nicholson described of his final creation.

Nestled between a toasted brioche bun, this savory burger is topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onions, leaf lettuce, dill pickles, jalapeños, mustard, and of course the soon-to-be legendary Bobby Nick’s signature sauce.

Blackerby added, “It’s a classic bacon cheeseburger, loaded up with some fresh veggies — you can’t go wrong.”

“Things that are local to Canada, local to Edmonton.”

Darrington and MacDonald, joined by other OEG staff members, got a first-taste of Nicholson’s creation.

“I know Bob is well known for his many achievements in the worlds of business and hockey, but when I saw and sampled what he did with his new namesake burger, I think we can add King of the Grill to his business card,” MacDonald commented.

The Bobby Nick’s Burger will be available to fans on both the upper and lower concourse at over six different concession stands, as well as a permanent Bobby Nick’s Grill on the west side of the main concourse.


“We’ve increased our point-of-sale ratio, which means there are more places to go and buy food throughout the building,” Darrington explained.

With nearly every detail thought-out to enhance fan experience, the Rogers Place VP & GM also described the food and beverage offerings at Rogers Place as a preeminent element that will take this new facility one step further in offering world-class service and entertainment.

“It’ll be a really elevated service, but you’ll be able to get the same food you like to eat, as well as some individual things that you can only find at Rogers Place,” Darrington said.

Bob Nicholson poses with his final creation.
Photo by: Curtis Comeau

“Fresh breads from local bakeries; Saskatoon berries; things that are local to Canada, local to Edmonton,” Blackerby commented on locally-sourcing the different ingredients that will be used in the Rogers Place kitchens.

From locally-sourcing ingredients to making signature items that will be available to everyone at Rogers Place, the food and beverage team is excited to share with fans what makes the Rogers Place cuisine so deliciously unique.

Besides the Bobby Nick’s Burger, fans will have an array of signature items to choose from at Rogers Place that they won’t find anywhere else.

Find out more about the foods and beverages you can look forward to trying at Rogers Place on upcoming episodes of ICE Level this summer.