Q&A with Garth Brooks

Arriving in Edmonton Friday afternoon for his first of nine sold-out shows, Garth Brooks joins Community Reporter Jessica Kent for a one-on-one interview.


Jessica Kent: You can’t deny it, Edmonton loves you. The Mayor actually named today — February 17 — Garth Brooks Day. Are you surprised by all this?

Garth Brooks: I’m telling you February and seven have a big thing to do with all this. My birthday’s February seventh, so the 17 only makes sense. It’s very sweet it’s Garth Brooks Day. What does that get you? I mean, can you get out of speeding tickets? Can you get free food? [laughing]

 JK: We’ll have to talk to Mayor Iveson about that one [laughs].

GB: We’re so excited. I’d love to tell you that this is typical, but this is unbelievable. We’re so excited. The tickets, the number of tickets, just crazy that this is happening to us right now.

JK: Let’s talk about what you can expect in one of your nine shows. I know you touched on it earlier that next weekend is a huge milestone for you ticket-sales wise.

GB: Yeah it is, it’s our five millionth ticket [sold] next week. So that’s a pretty big plateau for us because we were lucky enough to set the sales record in the ‘90s — concert sales record at five million — so the great thing about five million is it puts us back there, then every ticket after that is just history being made, so we’re excited.

JK: Congratulations on that. I know the city is so excited about having you here. How do you do it? You are playing back-to-back shows on the weekends, do you have a ritual, are you superstitious at all? How do you get the energy to do this?

GB: You just go out and play. And you play for people who want to sing, which is great — you start the song, they’ll finish it! You could do that all night long. And remember, you’re playing with your buddies. These are the same guys as the last time we played [in Edmonton]. Same crew, same band and it’s just a joy to get to be with these guys.

JK: You’re in our brand new building here in Rogers Place, what do you think of the venue?

GB: It’s gorgeous. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t got to be in the bowl yet because we came straight from the plane to here, but I’m expecting the inside to be a lot like the outside. And this is phenomenal.

JK: Absolutely. Let’s talk about you touring with your wife, Trisha Yearwood. How is that? What’s the dynamic like?

GB: What do you mean? The dynamic is she says something and I say ‘yes dear’ and that’s the dynamic at this tour [laughs]. She is the boss on and off, and I’ve got to tell you I’ve never felt, I’ve never felt better to trust somebody with my decisions, she’s just, she’s just everything you’d want her to be… so sorry, I’m just so in love with her! I think she’s the bomb!

JK: I think that’s relationship goals right there!

GB: If I was as good to her as she was to me, this marriage would be unbelievable.

JK: Wonderful. Garth Brooks, thank you so much for joining me. And actually we have a special Garth-mania food and beverage menu, — I don’t know If you knew that — that we’re serving here at Rogers Place. For more information on that visit RogersPlace.com/GarthGuide.

GB: That’s right! People ask me what my favourite thing to eat is — a lot! That’s my favourite thing to eat [laughs].