Q&A with Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood joins Community Reporter Jessica Kent for a one-on-one interview.


Jessica Kent: Trisha welcome to Edmonton, first of all! We are so excited to have you and Garth here. I think a lot of people are interested in the fact that you tour with your husband, how is that? He says you’re the boss!

Trisha Yearwood:  Well he’s right [laughs]. No, we’re best friends. We’ve known each other forever and when we got married 11 and a half years ago we said we didn’t want to ever be apart. So when this opportunity came up, we thought it’s wonderful. You know, usually if you’re in a relationship and your happy — which I feel we are — you want to do what you do. So to sing, for me, is something I feel like I have to do. But I would pack my bags, I’m going on tour by myself, I’m leaving him at home, so it’s bitter sweet. This is the best of everything. We both pack our bags, we get on the same plane, we go to the same place and we really enjoy each other’s company. It’s wonderful. This is a great tour, it’s a three-year tour, it’s really intense, but it’s going to be over before you know it, you know? It’s going to be one of those things, like, ‘remember that tour?’. I’m just enjoying every second.

JK: Like you said, it’s a big tour — you’re doing nine shows here in Edmonton! How do you do those back-to-back concerts? How do you relax and get ready for the next one?

TY: Well coffee. Coffee is my spirit animal. The hardest part between those two-show days is the downtime in between because there’s an energy created when you walk out onstage to a crowd that you just can’t explain. And it really is an interactive show. So each show is different — like Garth said in the press conference — because you never know what somebody [might do]. I mean, I’ve seen people get proposed [to] in front of me, and you see those things because we light the arena so you can see what’s happening. So each show does become kind of its own thing so you don’t want to miss anything! It’s just fun.

JK: That’s absolutely incredible. And, spoiler alert, you will be singing “She’s in Love with a Boy”?

TY: I will, yes. [Laughing] I don’t think they’ll let me out of here without doing that song.

JK: And quick plug for your show tomorrow morning, you’ll be at a location here in Edmonton?

TY: I will be! A surprise location. I was hoping it was going to be really really really cold actually because I brought a lot of cold gear, but we’ll see what’s going to happen.

JK: And where can people catch that?

TY: Food Network!

JK: Wonderful. Trisha Yearwood, thank you so much and have fun in Edmonton.

TY: Thank you.