Rogers Place Pedestrian Access Portal Closure

The decision was made to close the Pedestrian Access Portal leading from Ford Hall to 103 Ave and 103 St upon the conclusion of the Dolly Parton concert tonight due to potential slip hazard concerns after experiencing heavy rain during the concert. An alternative exit plan utilizing the four internal stairwells was implemented, with significant staff deployment to support guests exiting the building.

We sincerely apologize to our guests for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. The safety of our guests is our number one priority and we are diligently working to avoid a reoccurrence of this issue.

Note: The Pedestrian Access Portal is an open air passageway that connects the terminus of Ford Hall at Rogers Place to 103 Ave and 103 St, to provide a passage for our guests as they cross the ICE District construction site through the Stantec Tower podium structure. The Pedestrian Access Portal is designed to accommodate the anticipated volume of pedestrian activity generated by Rogers Place spectators.

Entry & Exit Points into Rogers Place are as follows:

  • Ford Hall via Pedestrian Portal: Pedestrian Portal off of 103 Ave and 103 St will connect to Ford Hall where guests can enter through the gates.
  • 104 Ave: Guests may enter through the lobby off of 104 Ave on the southeast corner beside the Grand Villa Edmonton Casino. The VIP reception and VIP Will Call are also at this entrance. Guests will be able to access Ford Hall from this entrance or take the LRT Corridor to the north entry.
  • North Entry: Guests may enter via the Metro line LRT station along 105 Ave through the north side and utilize the north entrance, or take the corridor to the Ford Hall entrance.
  • Parkade: Premium pass holders will be able to access the arena from the parkade level where there are three (3) entrances with a total of seven (7) elevators. Guests will have their tickets scanned at this point.
  • The use of the southwest exit to 104 St and 104 Ave is a direct exit to the taxi stand and 104 St south.